If you are considering purchasing a set of bubble balls (minimum order of 6), then you've come to the right place!

I've been an eBay PowerSeller since 2007 and maintain a nearly flawless feedback rating (with thousands of transactions each year).
I've maintained this high rating by selling quality, dependable products AND by working to correct occasional problems that do arise quickly & fairly to the satisfaction of my customers.
I'm a Christian & strive to practice the Golden Rule in all aspects of my life.

I imported a set of bubble balls for testing purposes in April 2014. I was pleased with the quality & durability and believed this was another product I could sell online successfully.
As of July 2015, I've sold over 270 balls to nearly 20 customers/businesses/organizations (some of whom have returned to buy more balls).
I'm still using my original set for rental activities. Even though basic repairs are necessary over time, the balls are durable!
And thankfully, making repairs yourself is not difficult with some basic instructions & the right supplies. I expect my set to be in use for years to come.

Purchasing bubble balls online can be confusing & overwhelming due to a variety of factors: cost, materials, sizes, quality, warranties, etc.
I sell bubble balls in 4 different sizes (1.0, 1.2, 1.5, & 1.8 meters) and 2 different materials (PVC or TPU).

Some USA companies sell a set of 12 balls for $5000. My prices are significantly less and I offer much more in return.

It is true that some foreign companies will sell bubble balls cheaper but often offer an inferior product OR terrible service if something goes wrong. I've heard some horror stories about people getting cheated.
When you purchase from me, you can rest easy knowing that I will deliver a great product to you with outstanding customer service & phone consulting (whenever needed).
I encourage you to contact me at any time via phone or email. I'd be glad to answer all your questions, explain the difference between the materials, suggest what sizes you should consider,
& explain our unbeatable limited 1-YEAR-WARRANTY.

I will also give you the best price quote possible after you tell me your zip code, material choice, quantity, etc.
I will supply you with high capacity electric pumps for inflating the balls, your custom logo on the back of the balls (if desired), & shipping in about 3-4 weeks right to your door!
I will take care of everything and keep you informed throughout the process. I will help you in the future if you have problems where you might need special supplies for repairs
(good luck getting help from some companies who don't care about you after they've got your money!).

I look forward to hearing from you soon & perhaps doing business together.
If you do decide to purchase, I will send you a customized electronic invoice with all details spelled out.
You can then pay that invoice via credit card or check, if you prefer.

Best regards,
Stephen R. Bradd