- Birthday Parties (ages 10 & up)
- Graduation Parties
- Bachelor Parties
- Fun Days


- Summer Camps
- Corporate Events / Team Building
- P.E. Classes*
- Charity Fundraisers*



- 10 inflated bubble balls (standard size: for ages 10 & up)
- 1 soccer ball
- Miscellaneous items needed to play bubble soccer, bubble sumo, & bubble relays
- At least 1 representative to help set up & run your event



- We are located in Clinton, Illinois and will set up at any suitable location you provide.
- Locations can be inside or outside (if there is enough open space).
- Playing on grass is the safest, though gyms can work well, too.
- If you do not have a location, we recommend Woodward Park as a large, open area.
- Woodward Park is located at the intersection of Cain & Clay (adjacent to the old Webster school location in Clinton).
- If you don't live in Clinton, that's OK. We are willing to travel most anywhere in the Midwest (schedule permitting).
- A travel/mileage fee will apply for locations outside of Clinton.


- It takes about 30 - 60 minutes to fully inflate all the bubble balls (depending upon whether we have access to electricity or not).
- We will show up ahead of your scheduled start time to get the balls & field ready.
- After the event, we will stay another 20 - 30 minutes to clean & deflate the balls.


- Our MINIMUM CHARGE is $175 for 1 hour of PLAY (plus a mileage fee if the event is not in Clinton, IL).
(The hour begins once everything is set up & basic instructions/rules have been explained.)
- Each additional hour of play is $75.
(Although we do events after 10 PM at night, we do charge an additional flat fee of $50 for late-night or overnight events.)

*Rates for charity events & P.E. classes vary. Please contact us for details.


- Bubble balls provide a rigorous, fun, & exciting workout! It's enjoyable to both participate in & watch others do so!
- Due to a lot of running, bumping, & carrying the 30-pound bubbles around, most are exhausted after an hour or two of play.
- We will schedule short breaks at least every 20 minutes to minimize risks of overheating & dehydration.
- It can get very warm inside the units, so we do not recommend scheduling a party for early afternoon on a hot summer day.
- Everyone must fill out a waiver to participate & minors must have a parent/guardian's signature to play. No exceptions! Plan ahead for this, if necessary.
- Due to safety considerations, we try to avoid having players of radically different stature on the field together (e.g., a 10-year-old boy against a group of large, athletic men is not advisable).
- 10 people can participate at one time & many others can watch and enjoy on the sidelines.
- If you have 20 people that want to participate, for example, each group of 10 can have 30 minutes (if you hired us for 1 hour).
- If you have 40 people participating for a 2 hour party, that's about $6.25 per person! ($250 total)
- Knee pads are recommended (but not required) for indoor play (especially for taller players whose knees are more exposed).