Is there an age limit?

The bubble balls we have currently are ideal for someone in the 5' - 6' tall range and under 250 pounds. A little shorter or taller is okay, though.
Most 10-year-olds are big enough. These units are ideal for teens & adults, however.
There is no upper limit for age, though our waiver requires you to be in good enough shape for rigorous, physical activity.
For dimensional pics of the bubble balls, please visit our EBAY LISTING.

Is there anything small children can do with these?

Yes, but it is limited. When we do the sidewinder relay, small children (ages 4 & up) can get completely inside the ball for a fun ride!

Do I need to be good at soccer or know soccer rules to participate?

No. You don't need to have any soccer experience. The one objective is to get the ball in the goal--there are only 2 other rules:
Don't hit a person while they are down & stop immediately when the whistle blows.
Also, there are other activities we do that don't have anything to do with soccer(like Bubble Sumo & Bubble Relays).

Why do you require everyone to sign a waiver to participate?

The waiver itself explains the various reasons.

Do you sell bubble balls?

Yes. We have a listing on EBAY, along with many other items we sell.
However, for the lowest price, please contact us directly. The minimum quantity is generally 6 units.
We can ship bubble balls all over the world & have them made to your specifications (e.g., size, material, etc.).

What happens if it is raining during my event?

If it's an indoor event, it's not a problem. If it is outdoors, we will use our best judgment & proceed accordingly.
It is possible to play in light rain, though we might delay the start, or reschedule if necessary.

How can I keep informed about upcoming activities?

"Like" our FACEBOOK page.